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The Thousands Faces of Liguria

One of the main reasons for spending your holiday at the Residence dei Fiori in Pietra Ligure is the wide choice of activities and attractions available in the area: crystal-clear sea, sandy beaches, ancient sea towns, unspoilt hills and woodlands, sports activities and good food.
You’ll be spoiled for choice!

The Sea

This stretch of the Riviera Ligure has been awarded countless Blue Flags in recognition of the quality of this coastline and its spectacular sea beds to dive into.

The Island of Bergeggi in the Bergeggi marine nature reserve is very popular among scuba divers (even the less experienced ones).

Known as the “Cetacean Sanctuary” this stretch of sea is a good place for dolphin and whale sightings!

Pietra Ligure

A town with an ancient history, Pietra Ligure was named after the Roman castle, Castrum et Oppidum Petrae, which still overlooks the bay, the coast and the surrounding hills today.

The town centre, a maze of narrow streets or caruggi , typical of Ligurian borghi has numerous sights worth seeing: from the Castle and the Basilica of San Nicolò to the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora del Soccorso, the Oratorio dei Bianchi, the Castagnabianca observatory and the Madonnina bridge, an ancient Roman hump-backed bridge on the Maremola river.

It is famed for its lovely esplanade lined with shady palms, parks filled with flowers and children’s playgrounds.

Here are some of the main local events:

  • Celebrated every year for the past five hundred years the Festa del Miracolo (Feast of the Miracle) commemorates the end of the plague
  • The Confuoco, a celebration dating back to the time of the Republic of Genoa, takes place on the Sunday before Christmas and is marked by a huge bonfire in Piazza La Pietra
  • the Corpus Domini Infiorate with stunning flower tapestries
  • The suggestive Notte dei Lumi (Night of the Lights) in the summer, when thousands of candles float on the sea


Discover the local history, landscape and cuisine

A wealth of medieval hamlets perched on rolling hills covered with pine and olive trees, the perfect place to enjoy a romantic stroll with a panoramic view followed by a taste of typical Genoese cuisine.

Do not miss:

  • Verezzi, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy
  • The Grotte di Toirano, a calcareous complex of grey dolomite rock made up of over 150 natural caves
  • the Ethnographic Museum of the Val Varatella, in Toirano: a journey into the agricultural, artisan and day-to-day life of the area from the 17th century onwards
  • the ancient tower clock collection in Bardino Nuovo
  • Calizzano park

In July, in the ancient borgo of Giustenice, you can watch the Palio dei Carri which sees the town’s 5 contrade competing in a cart race against each other as well as an impressive historic parade evoking the medieval war between the Del Carretto and the Genovesi families.


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